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Written translations 

Translation is the transfer of written content from one language (source language) into another language (target language). 

avl interpreters provide expert support for your translation projects - be it for the translation of your conference documents, texts for your bilingual website, your annual reports or product catalogues.

Standard translation

General texts without technical terms

Standard translation is used for general texts which do not require the translator to have in-depth industry knowledge. Their excellent language skills mean the content is easily and quickly conveyed into the desired language.

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Technical translation

Demanding texts in different subject areas

When translating technical texts, it is particularly important to use not only the correct technical terms but also the appropriate tone for the industry. This requires detailed research by the translators. When translating technical texts, it is therefore particularly important for the translator not only to have very good language skills in the source and target languages but they must also be familiar with the subject area.

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Editing, proof reading, or post-editing?

avl interpreters support you in choosing the ideal service for revising your monolingual or bilingual texts.

Proof reading

Correction of punctuation, spelling and grammar

In proofreading, incorrect punctuation and typing errors are detected, spelling is checked, and grammar is corrected.

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Additional stylistic corrections for optimal readability

Beyond proofreading, your text undergoes further enhancement. Sentence structure and clumsy wording are optimised, your document is checked for repetitions, redundancies or filler words in order to achieve a stylistically and linguistically flawless result.

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The post-editing of machine-translated texts

Depending on the intended use or client requirements, the machine-translated text is checked for congruence of content and intelligibility, the terminology is adapted to the specialist area or company in-house requirements and the style is optimised.

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What clients say about avl interpreters:

  • «The simultaneous translation German - French by Annette von Lerber and her colleague at our management meeting in Arbon in the canton of Thurgau was very clear and fluent. Since we started working with avl interpreters we have noticed a high quality in the simultaneous interpreting which had not been the case before.»

    EgoKiefer AG, Windows and Doors, Charles Buffalo, Regional Sales Director, Villeneuve/VD

  • «The simultaneous interpreting German – French for female UBS executives at the ‘Ladies Top Table’ was very much appreciated. The translator Annette von Lerber from avl interpreters was excellent.»

    UBS executive, Conference Centre Wolfsberg, Ermatingen, Canton of Thurgau

  • «I was very satisfied with the performance of the German-French interpreters, who were very familiar with our technical terms. The technical solution proposed by AVL interpreters (video conference via zoom) also worked smoothly and the clear instructions were very helpful. It was very reassuring to have such a competent partner at our side during the whole period from planning to the end of the event.»

    Organisation of the working environment, Nicole Schaffner, Co-Head of the office, Solothurn

  • «As last year, the simultaneous translators’ job at our management meeting was very good and professional in Lucerne. The administrative support by the AVL interpreters’ office was impeccable as well. All our participants’ feedback was exclusively positive regarding the quality of the live translation German – English – French!»

    Heineken Switzerland AG, Nicole Platero, Assistant to the Managing Director, Lucerne

  • «The German – French simultaneous interpretation, the translation equipment and AVL’s backoffice – all were perfect! The well-functioning team, Annette von Lerber & Jean-Jacques Nyffenegger, was brilliant at our training in Bussigny near Lausanne. I was thrilled – and I still am!»

    Schindler Lift Ltd., Martin Winterhalder, Maintenance Methods Specialist, Ebikon

  • «Thanks to the great simultaneous translation from English into German by Annette von Lerber and her colleague of avl interpreter, I was able to easily follow the speakers at the X.DAYS Conference on Information Communication Technology ICT sponsored by the Swiss Media Group NZZ at the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel in Interlaken.»

    Alfred Müller AG, Reo Eisenegger, Department Head and Vice Director of Information Technology, Baar​