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Interpreting and conference technology

Event organisation often requires appropriate technical aids. The choice always depends on the circumstances of the respective event as well as the client’s needs and wishes. Equipment varies from interpreting booths or tour guide systems for whispered interpreting (called “chuchotage”) to computer-assisted streaming platforms for virtual and hybrid events or full technical production equipment alongside the interpreting service.

Interpreters’ booths

Interpreters’ booths are ideal for large events, as they allow the audience to concentrate on the event without being disturbed by the interpretation while the interpreters carry out their demanding work in a soundproof environment.

Standardised interpreters’ booths have interpreter consoles with headsets for two interpreters. One interpreting booth is required for each language combination. For example, if an event requires interpreting from German into French and from German into Italian (and back), two booths are needed.

Conference technology

Depending on the venue, certain elements of the technical production equipment may need to be brought in. In addition to the conference equipment, a podium, screens, lectern, projector, IT equipment, sound and lighting systems can also be provided.

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Whispering or tour guide system

Equipment for hybrid and virtual events

Hybrid events with livestream and video conferences evolved out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic and are now in widespread use.

For hybrid or fully virtual events, the video/audio feed is recorded. The event could take place anywhere -  it could be in a studio, with some of the audience on site and others joining in online. The livestream is made available to the online audience, e.g. via Zoom, MS Teams or directly via a specific livestreaming platform.

Of course, this is not only possible for the original sound. With Zoom, this is how it works: the audience at home selects the desired language channel on the screen and follows the event in their chosen language. Anyone on site can listen to the interpretation via a receiver with headphones or via the relevant smartphone app.

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What clients say about avl interpreters:

  • «The simultaneous translation German - French by Annette von Lerber and her colleague at our management meeting in Arbon in the canton of Thurgau was very clear and fluent. Since we started working with avl interpreters we have noticed a high quality in the simultaneous interpreting which had not been the case before.»

    EgoKiefer AG, Windows and Doors, Charles Buffalo, Regional Sales Director, Villeneuve/VD

  • «The simultaneous interpreting German – French for female UBS executives at the ‘Ladies Top Table’ was very much appreciated. The translator Annette von Lerber from avl interpreters was excellent.»

    UBS executive, Conference Centre Wolfsberg, Ermatingen, Canton of Thurgau

  • «I was very satisfied with the performance of the German-French interpreters, who were very familiar with our technical terms. The technical solution proposed by AVL interpreters (video conference via zoom) also worked smoothly and the clear instructions were very helpful. It was very reassuring to have such a competent partner at our side during the whole period from planning to the end of the event.»

    Organisation of the working environment, Nicole Schaffner, Co-Head of the office, Solothurn

  • «As last year, the simultaneous translators’ job at our management meeting was very good and professional in Lucerne. The administrative support by the AVL interpreters’ office was impeccable as well. All our participants’ feedback was exclusively positive regarding the quality of the live translation German – English – French!»

    Heineken Switzerland AG, Nicole Platero, Assistant to the Managing Director, Lucerne

  • «The German – French simultaneous interpretation, the translation equipment and AVL’s backoffice – all were perfect! The well-functioning team, Annette von Lerber & Jean-Jacques Nyffenegger, was brilliant at our training in Bussigny near Lausanne. I was thrilled – and I still am!»

    Schindler Lift Ltd., Martin Winterhalder, Maintenance Methods Specialist, Ebikon

  • «Thanks to the great simultaneous translation from English into German by Annette von Lerber and her colleague of avl interpreter, I was able to easily follow the speakers at the X.DAYS Conference on Information Communication Technology ICT sponsored by the Swiss Media Group NZZ at the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel in Interlaken.»

    Alfred Müller AG, Reo Eisenegger, Department Head and Vice Director of Information Technology, Baar​