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Video subtitling

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There are three stages in video subtitling:

  • Transcription of the soundtrack with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Machine translation into the desired language with subsequent post-editing
  • Machine assisted subtitling

The subtitling and voiceover processes are almost the same at the beginning, so the following tips for sound recording apply to both subtitling and voiceover.

Poor sound recordings

During live recordings, background noise, vibrations or echoes can impact sound quality. Likewise, if the speaker is too far from the recording microphone, the recording might be difficult to understand. These issues are rarely noticed by the listeners on site but are unmistakable in the soundtrack and greatly influence the output from your transcription software.


With the following tips, you can improve the results of computer-aided transcription software. In turn, this means lower costs and shorter delivery times for you.

  • Make sure that the recording quality is perfect. Every speaker should use a professional headset (photo)
  • Run a rehearsal and ask the speaker to speak in short and precise sentences. Improve the phrasing if needed
  • To perfect the phrasing, use a teleprompter when recording
  • Provide us with the original script with a list of your organisation's abbreviations, acronyms and keywords

You can find more information on transcription in the Practical guide for Voiceover